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Our pricing philosophy is driven by a belief that we should charge you only as much as we help you save, when you use our product

8,799 Annual/Month 9,999 Monthly 8,999 ANNUAL/MONTH
  • 250 Customers
    250 Customers
    100 Customers
  • Mobile/Desktop Ordering App
    Mobile/Desktop Ordering App
    SMS & Email's
  • Product Catalog - Customer Specific
    Product Catalog - Customer Specific
    Android App
  • Inventory Visibility & Management
    Inventory Visibility & Management
    Inventrary Management
  • Standard Order Processing
    Standard Order Processing
    Inventrary Management
  • Standard Reports & Analytics
    Standard Reports & Analytics
    Order Processing
  • GST Compliant Invoice generation
    GST Compliant Invoice generation
    Gst Compliant Invoicing
  • Shipper Management
    Shipper Management
    Shipper Management
  • Access Control for Users
    Access Control for Users
  • SMS*, Email & App Notifications
    SMS*, Email & App Notifications
  • 24X7 Email Support
    24X7 Email Support
    24X7 Email Support
16,999Annual/Month 19,999Monthly 16,999ANNUAL/MONTH
  • 1000 Customers
    1000 Customers
    1500 Customer
  • Advanced Order Processing
    Advanced Order Processing
    Customer ERP Integrated
  • Tally / Busy Integration
    Tally / Busy Integration
    Account Manager
  • Customer Level Payment Overdue
    Customer Level Payment Overdue
    Workflow Customization
  • Advanced Reports & Analytics
    Advanced Reports & Analytics
    Workflow Customization
41,499Annual/Month 49,999 Monthly $19.00 monthly
  • 2500 Customers
    2500 Customers
    500 Customer
  • Custom ERP Integration
    Custom ERP Integration
    Tally Integration
  • Account Manager
    Account Manager
    Access Control Users
  • Workflow Configuration
    Workflow Configuration
    Payment Overdue Alert
  • Custom Reports & Analytics
    Custom Reports & Analytics
    Payment Overdue Alert

(India Only)

GST Extra (as per actuals)

Fair Billing Policy

As a principle we bill you only for the plan chosen by you, each month. If you have already paid for a future time period and you decide to not use the system in that period, we will offer you a refund, after deducting the monthly fee for the no. of months you used Pooraa. We value our customers and hence billing should be fair.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Get A Demo

Please send your request for a demo by clicking here and filling the form. We will call you & setup a meeting for demo.


Is My Data Safe

We won’t exist if we can’t keep your data safe. Hence we work on data security seriously. Our servers are hosted at a world-class data center. Our team ensures that applications remain up-to-date with latest security upgrades


Can I Upgrade or Downgrade Anytime

Yes - anytime, any no.of times. The upgrade or downgrade will become active from the next calendar month.


Do You Have a Contact Cancellation Fee

No. If you are on monthly billing, you can cancel & choose not to pay from the next month. If you had chosen annual billing, we will refund the balance after deducting the amount for the period used, as per monthly billing plan.