Inventory Management

Live Inventory Status for Customers & Sales Team

Live inventory status makes your sales process more efficient – reduced cancellations, fulfillment time. Inventory management system offers a common platform for everyone to see real-time stock information. Customers, Sales reps & Back-end teams are in sync, making everyone happier & accurate

FIFO Auto-allocation to Orders

Save time from allocating inventory manually. Our inventory management system auto allocates inventory on FIFO basis with an option to manually change, should you need to

Bulk Upload (Import & Export) & UI Based Update

Easy to use templates can be used to update product inventory, using Pooraa’s inventory management solution. Should you require to update it for few products only – just do it from the friendly UI

Secure - Role Based Access

Setup user specific roles that controls access to ensure that right people see the right information – be it inventory, orders, customers etc.  Grant permission in the software for inventory management only to specific users, thereby controlling access to the same


Trace every update to the inventory with a complete history of each & every SKU. Our inventory management software helps you know which user updated what inventory for which product