Tally Integration

Customer, SKU, Orders, Receipts & Invoices - All in Sync

Every important element related to sales, customers & products is in perfect sync between Tally & Pooraa.  You get advantage of both worlds – best solution for customers married with your preferred accounting software

Real-time Inventory

Inventory status is available in real-time, across both platforms.  Whether you make a sale through online medium or offline, you will always see up-to-date, real-time  inventory

No Duplicate Entries

Seamless integration results in no duplicate effort to input sales orders, invoices, receipts etc.  Save manpower effort, avoid costly mistakes.  Make an entry once and automatically sync it with the other system

Tally on Mobile

Our tally integration allows you to have data in Tally, literally, at your fingertips.  Everything you want to know about your sales, receivables, purchases, inventory is available right there – on your mobile – 24×7