Customer Management

Order Out of Stock Products

Customer management system offers flexibility to offer this facility to all or specific customers.  Taking orders in advance allows you to plan production and fulfill orders in a predictable time

Auto Alert & Processing Control on Overdue Customers

Is managing credit control an issue?  No more. Auto-lock processing of orders for customers whose accounts are overdue.  Clear advantage of using our customer management software is that you do away with manual intervention 

Multiple Customer Users

Unlike other customer & dealer management software, your customers can create multiple user accounts using which those users can place & track orders.  Your customers thereby can allow ordering by their team members & track all orders placed by each user

Multiple Addresses - Easy Selection of Bill-to & Ship-to

Tired of traditional customer & dealer management system? Switch to Pooraa and your customers just have to tap on previously used bill-to & ship-to addresses, as we save every new address a user fills

Give Control to Your Customers - App

Your customers get full control on their orders with their mobile app. They can place & cancel orders, check order status – 24×7 – without bothering your team members

Real-time Updates to Customers

Your customers will love to see real-time updates on the progress made with their order. And guess what – you don’t deploy any person to specifically do this.  Happens on its own.  That’s the power of our customer management system