Order Management

Order Status - at a glance

Using our order management system, you & your customers can track the entire order funnel and see which orders are at what stage of processing – pending, in process, ready to dispatch, dispatched – on one single screen. And that too anytime, from anywhere

Partial Order Processing

When customers urgently need you to ship a part of the order they placed, you can process partial items, partial quantities & create different shipments for the same order.  Our order management solution helps you improve customer experience, while reducing order cancellations

Shipper Allocation

No need to enter shipper information for every order.  The intelligence built in the customer order management software automatically selects the most likely transporter for an order from a customer.  You can also choose from pre-populated list of shippers yourself

Multiple Warehouse Dispatches

Your can choose to dispatch orders from multiple warehouses – in same city or across cities. And to your benefit, the order management system automatically takes care of generating GST compliant invoices basis the warehouse chosen

Challan Generation

1-click generation & printing of delivery challan / pick list with accurate information of customer, shipper, product & quantity.  Its quick, easy with no room for any error.  The traditional process of generating delivery challan becomes super easy with our order management solution

Pack, Unpack, Split Packages

You have full control on which items to pack in a shipment. Split a package if it exceeds limits on weight, size or if you want to send certain items separately.  In addition, the order management software allows unpacking, re-packing & split until a specific step

LR & Invoice Upload

Upload invoices & LR/AWB from your mobile or desktop, while marking orders as dispatched.  You can upload a photo, pdf, doc & XL file – whatever you prefer.  The order management solution can also integrate with Tally and get invoices from there automatically

Real-time Updates to Customers

Your customers will love to see real-time updates on the progress made with their order. And guess what – you don’t deploy any person to specifically do this.  With our order management solution, it happens on its own

Common Tracking for Everyone

One common platform for you, your customers, sales, production, warehousing & dispatch team members to view, update, analyze everything about products, customers & their orders.  The inherent advantage of Pooraa’s order management system is that it offers real-time information on orders, dispatches & stock to everyone

Schedule Out of Stock Orders

Schedule out of stock orders for a future date and give your customers clarity on expected dispatch date.  Improve customer happiness & reduce your cancellations. Ability to manage orders both for in-stock as well as out of stock products is one of the important requirements of SMEs from an order management system

Manual Override for FIFO Inventory Allocation

Save time from allocating inventory manually. Inventory is auto allocated on FIFO basis with an option to manually change it.  Should you need to prioritize certain orders, the order management software gives your team an option to manually move inventory from one/multiple orders to the desired one