Catalog Management

Parent-Child SKUs (Manage Product Variations)

This feature of catalog management system is best suited for small & mid-sized businesses, getting orders for products with multiple sizes, weight or other variations. Get order for products having variations without creating each of them separately. Each SKU has its own price (ex – Size 5 can have a lower price than Size 9)

Customer Specific Catalog

Our catalog management solution makes it easy for you to offer simplified ordering from a personalized catalog with customer-specific price and stock information.  This mobile friendly catalog comes with quick order & catalog view options


Finding a product is a breeze with our catalog management software.  It is super fast & easy.  Customers see short-listed, matching products just as they start typing the product name

Auto GST Tax Rate

The in-built genie does everything on its own once you enter the HSN code. No specifying the tax rate, cess & breakup of CGST, SGST or IGST.  Additional advantage of catalog management software is that you do away with updating tax rates & cess whenever there is a change

Bulk Upload (Import & Export) with Readymade Templates

Easy to understand, readymade templates make uploading your catalog a breezy experience with our catalog management solution. No long hours creating products individually

Multiple Images & Rich Media Support (PDF, Video etc.)

Have rich media content to impress your customers? You can add multiple photos, videos & PDFs which your customers see on mobile & desktop both