Analytics & Reports

Summary & Trend Reports

Get concise summary reports for a top-level view of the business.  And when you want to analyze data in detail, drill down into sales, orders, salespersons, inventory, dispatches, order processing time related numbers – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & annually

Reports on Mobile

When you & your team is away from your office, it does not mean that you are away from your business.  Access reports, charts – 24×7, from your smartphone without missing anything

360 Degree Customer View

Analyze sales trends (orders, quantity & value), top products, order processing time, stock availability & top out of stock products, and a lot more – for every single customer – on a single screen

360 Degree Product View

Get a comprehensive view of top customers, performance of your sales team members, top cities & states, sales trends (orders, quantity & value), average processing time, and a lot more – for each product – at a glance

Sales, Dispatch, Inventory, Salesperson Reports

Create reports basis sales value, sales quantity, order status, time taken from order to dispatch. Identify your frequently out of stock products & optimize your production plan.  Evaluate how your sales team members are doing & create sales strategies based on the same

Deeper Insights - Pivot Table Style Reports

Get full control on your data & generate reports the same way you use pivot tables in XL.  Create data views as per your need and get granular insights using multi-level drill down options

Compare Data from Two Periods

Analyze how your business is doing on a metric during two different time periods. You can do this comparison in most of our reports. Depending on what data you want to compare, this tool may come extremely handy when you need it most

Easy Data Export

When you want to analyze data your own way, our one click XL export helps you get it quick