Payment Reminders

Custom Payment Terms

Variety of payment terms used across the globe – pay in ‘x’ days, pay as per defined cycle, pay in stages, advance/part payment, pay on delivery.  Payment reminders from our receivables management system makes it hassle-free to apply


Reminders for Timely Payment

Create customer friendly reminders or use predefined ones that encourage timely payments from them. Send through email, app notification & SMS.  With Pooraa’s invoice payment reminder system, you can also specify the frequency of sending payment reminders to your customers

Account Statements to Customers

Sending account statements to customers using payment reminder feature of receivables management solution, gives your customers a full view of their account with you.  Customers get their statement with details on orders & payments, at regular intervals defined by you.  Avoid time consuming & painful reconciliations at later stages

Auto-lock order processing for overdue accounts

Is managing credit control an issue?  No more. Auto-lock processing of orders for customers whose accounts are overdue.  Our receivables management software address this problem without manual intervention